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The Memory Association of Southern Ostrobothnia

The Memory Association of Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland, was founded in 1987 and is a member of the nationwide Alzheimer Society of Finland (Muistiliitto ry).
The association has its permanent premises in Kauhava (Ylihärmä) and Seinäjoki.
We organize activities for people with memory problems and conditions, and for their caregivers at various locations in our area, for example groups. We have groups for elderly people, too. Some of our groups are led by volunteers.
The Board of the Association has nine members, and it directs and supervises the work of the Association and its projects.


Member of our association

Subscription is 20 € / year, and all members will receive The Muisti-magazine (“The Memory” magazine) 4 times per year, which is published by the Alzheimer Society of Finland. We post our own member bulletin 3-5 times per year.
Members are welcome to join in the various events! Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Our on-going projects:

Muistiluotsi (The Memory Pilot) is a local part of The Expert and Support Centres’ Network. We give guidance and support, and have lessons, groups, and events. We have about 100 volunteers, who are group leaders and volunteer-friends for elderly and people with memory problems. We support them in their valuable work. We do advocacy work in our area.

Muisti mukana menossa -project (The Memory Going Along) is a 3-year project which deals with the preventive work. The background of this project is in The FINGER - research project.

Our previous projects

We’ve had nearly 20 different kinds of projects since 1992. Some of them had aim to give support and guidance and organize a support-system in our area. We’ve had three projects where the aim was cultural aspects among elderly people in the countryside or in towns and cities of our area. One of the projects dealt with people who had disabilities and memory problems. Don’t hesitate to ask more!


We’re happy to welcome any donations made to our association. If You are a private person or an organization, either way You can get more information on donating, and on everything else by contacting our executive manager Minna Huhtamäki-Kuoppala, minna.huhtamaki-kuoppala(at)muistiyhdistys.fi. Thank You!


You can find some videos here, some of them are subtitled in English.